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Vibrating Belts and Electrostimulators

Brand: InnovaGoods Model: G1500121
Would you like to effortlessly tone and strengthen your muscles? With the help of the Abdo ENRG WING electrostimulator you can get  perfect and enviable biceps, glutes, abs, etc! This new system of advanced electrostimulation low frequency signals has 6 different programs and 10 intensity levels. An..
Abdo King Electrical Muscle Stimulation Belt Abdo King Electrical Muscle Stimulation Belt
2-3 Days
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: G1500114
Using the incredible Abdo King electrical muscle stimulation belt you can easily get the abs you've always dreamt of with little effort! Abdo King works your muscles through electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), a highly effective technique used in the world of fitness that consists in the generation..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0100244
If you like taking care of yourself, you can now exercise and tone your muscles with the revolutionary Elektrainer Blast electro-stimulator patch! Specially designed for the waist, arms and legs. A simple and effective method based on the stimulation by low frequency electric shock (20 Hz). This fle..
InnovaGoods Abdo Vibrating Belt Q InnovaGoods Abdo Vibrating Belt Q
2-3 Days
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0100999
Get in shape easily with the new InnovaGoods Sport Electrogym Abdo vibrating belt Q and show off your abs! This abdominal belt is very effective at firming up and toning muscles effortlessly, reducing body fat and strengthening abs. It can also be used at any time: whilst watching TV, reading a book..