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Fitness and Exercise Equipment

4x Vertical Climber Stair Climber Fitness Machine with Exercise Video 4x Vertical Climber Stair Climber Fitness Machine with Exercise Video
2-3 Days
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0100390
Take the gym home and get in shape conveniently with the 4x Vertical Climber fitness machine with exercise video! An effective piece of gym equipment to work out your arms, abdominals, glutes, legs, back, shoulders and hips. Get a total body workout, shed excess fat, tone and strengthen muscles and ..
8xGym Compak Training Equipment 8xGym Compak Training Equipment
2-3 Days
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: G2000136
If you don't have time to go to the gym, now there's no excuse not to exercise, tone and build up your muscles with the 8xGym Compak. This complete muscle exercise machine will become your greatest companion, both at home and outside. Being collapsible, you can take it wherever you most like to work..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: G1000107
Buy ABDO Trainer Twist Sit Up Bench with Chest Expanders at the best price. Now the ABDO Trainer Twist sit-up bench can help you get tighter, sexier abs in as little as just 5 minutes each day. The ABDO Trainer Twist sit-up bench can also twist left and right to give you a full-motion workout for yo..
Brand: Atipick Model: S2004209
Keep fit and discover the sector's latest new releases to perform sports with the best guarantees! Purchase Abdominal Wheel Atipick Black at the best price and enjoy a healthy life!Colour: BlackApprox. dimensions: 30 cm..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: G1000110
Don't waste time and money on the gym, get the Body Rocker exercise apparatus now! An easy and effective way to get in shape by doing exercise at home. Thanks to its rocking system, it's perfect for toning and strengthening the shoulders, arms, back, chest, buttocks, etc. Made of steel with rubber g..
BTK Boxing Mitt BTK Boxing Mitt
2-3 Days
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0100135
Enjoy sports such as boxing, kick boxing, etc. with the BTK boxing mitt. It's perfect for training with friends that share the same love for sport. Easy to put on and very resistant. Don't miss it! Made of foam and imitation leather Features adjustable fastener and 5 holes App..
BTK Pro Foldable Abdominal Fitness Wheel BTK Pro Foldable Abdominal Fitness Wheel
2-3 Days
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0100259
Do you like sports but have no time for the gym? This problem, so common today, has caused an increasing proliferation of sports, toning and bodybuilding equipment. The folding fitness adbominal wheel BTK Pro is the perfect solution for exercising biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs and back by sliding...
BTK Speed Training Resistance Parachute BTK Speed Training Resistance Parachute
2-3 Days
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0100102
Go running and acheive a better physical performance thanks to the BTK speed training resistance parachute! This training parachute increases air resistance when running, which increases the effort required. Resistant material Adjustable belt and carabiner Transport bag Appro..
Brand: InnovaGoods Model: V0100153
Get fit, improve your health, and obtain an enviable figure with the BTK training kit for fitness! This fitness equipment is ideal for getting optimal muscular tonification. Professional equipment of high resistance and durability Fitness ball (approx. 55 cm diameter) with hand..
Brand: Cecotec Model: V1700379
Do you what to train professionally and efficiently? With the comfortable Cecofit Extreme 25 7013 static bicycle you can get fit in your own home!  Professional use  Ergonomic design Simulates the position of road bikes Adjustable triathlon handlebars covered in anti-slip foam Seat is height-..
Brand: Cecotec Model: V1700381
Get in shape with the Cecofit Pro 7016 foldable magnetic static bike! Ideal for exercising anywhere! Magnetic system Better ergonometry with the Xtreme Comfort Plus system:  Anatomical seat with adjustable height Foldable cushioned support  Lateral support grips Handebars with antislip..
Brand: Cecotec Model: V1700380
Do you want to stay in shape and tone your whole body? It's very easy with the comfortable and pracitcal Cecofit Track Vibrator 7015 foldable running treadmill! 3 CV motor Max. speed: 18 km/h Usefull running surface: 42 x 130 cm Starting speed and progressive stop Multifunction training m..
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