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Brand: Cecotec Model: V1700235
You now have great rest within your reach, with the Cecotec active charcoal memory foam pillow! Made with a memory foam centre and active charcoal particles Discharges static electricity during the day, creating an antistress effect Adaptable and elastic: optimum support for neck vertabrae Bet..
Brand: Cecotec Model: V1700245
Improve the quality of your sleep with the Cecotec gel memory foam pillow! Made from memory foam with gel particles Highly refreshing Reduces body heat Spongy and resistent support Improves circulation Breathable Adapts to each weight Therapeutic Anti-allergenic Improves the quality ..
Brand: Cecotec Model: V1700263
If you would like to improve your rest and health, get the Cecotec graphene memory foam pillow now! Made from memory foam and graphene particles Temperature regulating: mantains body temperature all night Highly resistant, light  and flexible Reduces static electricity Good energy conduct..
Brand: Cecotec Model: V1700228
Enjoy your rest with the Cecotec memory foam latex pillow!  Made with memory foam and latex materials Greater adaptability, softness, firmness and elasticity Feeling of weightlessness: alleviates pressure on the shoulders and allows for optimal rest Spongy and sturdy support Sensitive to body..
Brand: Cecotec Model: V1700220
Don't go to sleep without the Cecotec memory foam pillow! Made with 100% memory foam continuous laminate It adapts to the body contour avoiding pressure, stress and neck problems Maximum ergonomics: optimal position of the neck and head Aloe vera treatment Complete flexibility, comfort y fres..