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Brand: Prisma Model: СВР-1403
For attachment to Motor Drivers. An adapter for attachment to the desired machine is sold separately.This auger product comes from the PRZMA-50 small-scale motorized agricultural machinery and is produced with a lot of attention.The gardening tool is ideal for drilling holes in the soil. A Stem is a..
Brand: Prisma Model: МФР-60.00
This model is designed for loosening and forging primary-treated, light to medium dense soils...
Brand: Prisma Model: РОД-7502
The harrow is designed for surface treatment of the soil by destroying the soil crust and mixing the soil with plant residues.Discussing is the mechanical treatment of the soil, by which it is achieved its good loosening, without reversing the arable layer. Discovering is most often at a depth of 6-..
Brand: Prisma Model: 2565
For attaching to hoistsTo open a groove in the intersection of irrigated cropsTo open a furrow when planting different crops..
STIGA Self-propelled O-MAC Rotary Mower - MP1 554 WSQ-B STIGA Self-propelled O-MAC Rotary Mower - MP1 554 WSQ-B
2-3 Days
Brand: Prisma Model: O-MAC - MP1 554 WSQ-B
Technical specifications: Recommended work surface: average to large (1600 - 2300 m²) Engine: Briggs & Straton Series of engines: 675EXi Series READY STARTING Start: Manual Working with: a self-propelled EVO Engine power 2800 rpm / 3600 rpm: 2.59 Kw / 4.05 Kw Capacity: 163 cm³ Tank cap..